Thorsby: No political signs on right-of-way

Published 9:11 pm Monday, April 5, 2010

The town of Thorsby wishes to remind its citizens that political signs do not belong on town right-of-way.

Any signs found to be in violation of the ordinance will be removed and taken to the city shop, Superintendent Terry Jackson said.

“Political signs are everywhere. We’re not showing any favoritism,” Jackson told the council Monday night.

Anyone who has had signs come up missing may find them at the shop, especially if the signs were placed on the shoulder of the roadway, he added.

“I know they (candidates) spend a lot of money on advertising, but we’ve got a job to do,” Jackson said.

In other business, one of the town’s main sewer pumps is out of order. To replace the needed parts, it will cost the town an estimated $7,000, which was not budgeted.

Mayor Dearl Hilyer said there was potentially room in the street and sidewalk fund to make the needed repairs.

Jackson said the pump was first installed in 1983, and the delivery of replacement parts would take three to four weeks.

Also, Police Chief Rodney Barnett reported that animal control-related calls increased to 48 for the month of March, up from about 30 in February.

The council also:

Voted to give $1,000 to Child Protect through the S.K.I.P. Program

Addressed the need to replace a pipe on Indiana Avenue.