Hope ‘Blast’ not thing of the past

Published 10:40 pm Monday, March 8, 2010

One of the most enduring events in Chilton County has been the musical fundraiser “Blast from the Past” at Chilton County High School.

Since 1993, I believe, Rick and Sheri McKee and a host of others have dedicated countless hours to make each performance a success.

The students practice for months leading up to the performances, which are typically held in February or March. They stay at the school until 9 p.m. or later for nightly practices.

If you are not familiar with “Blast,” it’s basically a concert of popular music performed by students. The songs cover a variety of genres from each decade back to the ’50s or earlier.

This year’s “Blast” included obscure numbers like Larry Verne’s “Mr. Custer,” a hilarious but informative piece about Custer’s Last Stand. Others included the Simon and Garfunkel classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and the Pat Benatar ’80s rocker “Heartbreaker.”

If you missed this year’s performances, you certainly missed a good opportunity to be entertained while supporting a good cause. Proceeds from the event go toward the school as well as charities supported by the school each year.

The McKees and staff bring out the best in these students each year. The sheer talent always amazes me — not only the singing, but also the choreographed dances, acting, costumes, props and light shows.

After speaking with Mrs. McKee, I have come to understand that the McKees will not be as involved in “Blast” in the future. In other words, they are getting ready to pass the torch.

If they do indeed make this decision, I hope someone will continue to coordinate “Blast” with the same discipline and professionalism that they have. It has been great for the students, school and community.

Let’s hope for many more Blasts in the future.