Golf back at Thorsby after hiatus

Published 10:30 pm Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For the first time in at least three years, Thorsby High School has a golf team.

The team has nine members and is coached by Corey Clements.

Darryl Davis, who started a golf team several years ago, could not coach because he had already committed to coaching girls softball. When students showed considerable interest, however, Clements stepped up to fill the role.

“We had several kids that were interested in playing, and Coach Davis had already committed to helping Coach (Nicole) Hilyer with softball—and I enjoy golf,” Clements said.

Clements is not new to coaching. He has coached football for 10 years, basketball for 12 years and baseball for at least seven.

The team as a whole is rather inexperienced. It is led by seniors Cole Jackson and Lance Price and juniors Andrew Farris, Marcus Bray and Dustin Wilson. Rounding out the lineup are freshmen Nathan Oldroyd and Tray Cleckler and eighth graders Jay Norwood and Copeland Browder.

Farris, who has played since he was young but never played competitively, is the team leader. He is also a football quarterback and a basketball starter.

Six of the nine, however, had never been on a golf course prior to practice.

“We have a No. 1 golfer, and then we have eight No. 2s,” Clements said.

The juniors and seniors will compete in matches, and the younger players will start off learning drills on the driving range and the putting green.

Needless to say, they have much to learn, but all are showing promise.

“They enjoy playing,” Clements said. “It doesn’t seem like work to be there. They want to be there, and they want to play.”

Meanwhile, Clements commended Davis both for sticking to his commitment and for giving advice.

“He’s very good and knowledgeable, and he helps me a lot,” Clements said.

Thursday, Thorsby will play Jemison in their first match, at the Montevallo Golf Club.