Upgrades on tap for Jemison park

Published 9:50 pm Thursday, January 28, 2010

More improvements are underway at Jemison City Park. The most current project aims to improve drainage near the soon-to-be-upgraded kids’ playground.

The city just purchased $62,885 in playground equipment, which will replace the existing equipment at the park. The city is matching a $30,000 Land and Water Grant to fund the project.

As required by the grant, the new playground will be accessible to physically challenged children and incorporate the latest safety features.

“The playground we have now is just worn out,” said council member Sam Reed, who oversees parks and recreation. “People in the community seem to be excited about getting new equipment. It’s going to draw more people to the park.”

There will be two separate units, one for kids ages 5-12 and one for younger kids. Both were purchased from Giffen Recreation of Pelham. Each will be surrounded by soft wooden chips as an added safety measure.

But kids aren’t the only ones that will benefit from the upgrades. The property adjacent to the playground is being landscaped in an effort to correct the drainage situation, Reed said. He hopes the city can make use of the entire area by adding more picnic tables and benches.

Future plans also include additional restroom facilities and possibly a new tennis court. The park currently has two courts.

“When monies will allow, we’re thinking about adding another tennis court,” Reed said.

Jemison City Park is accessible via Patton Street near the middle school or just past the water tower on County Road 42 West.