Jemison students go on freeze pop patrol

Published 10:24 pm Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jemison Middle School is collecting items to send to U.S. military troops in Iraq. The item of choice? Flavored freeze pops.

Seventh grade teacher and SGA sponsor Shonda Copen attended a conference last fall in which she participated in a Freedom Calls teleconference with soldiers in Iraq. One of the soldiers said the temperatures were around 90 in the fall, and the troops couldn’t get enough of the frozen treats.

“One of the things that he said when we asked, “What do you guys need?” was that they cannot keep freeze pops,” Copen said.

The JMS Student Government Association is sponsoring a school-wide project, Operation Freeze Iraq, through Feb. 12. The goal was set at 1,500 freeze pops, but nearly 3,000 have already been collected.

“Every student was asked to bring at least two unfrozen freeze pops,” said seventh-grader Griffin Street, SGA vice president. “One fifth grade classroom has already collected 1,600.”

The last day to donate is Feb. 12. Businesses, churches and individuals may also make a monetary donation to help with shipping expenses. All those who donate will have their name printed on the box.

As for the freeze pops, the more the merrier. Copen noted that all pops should be delivered in their unfrozen state.

“You don’t hear of freeze pops going over there that often,” she said.

Several students and faculty members have relatives in the military who are either on their way overseas or will return soon. Street has a cousin, and seventh grade teacher Clarissa Smith has a stepdaughter.

“It’s personal. It makes you want to do all you can to help out,” Smith said.

“If I were over there, I would want something cold to eat,” added SGA treasurer Macey Thompson.

For more information, call the school at 280-4840.