Teens agree to clean up graffiti

Published 8:31 pm Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Graffiti was found on Popwell Body Shop and surrounding property Wednesday morning — a disturbing sight to the business owner and nearby residents.

Sam Easterling first discovered the building had been defaced with black paint around 6 a.m. In addition to several symbols were the words “kill,” “black ice,” and the initials “SFC.”

Graffiti in the same black paint was also found on pavement, power poles and road signs in the vicinity of County Road 458. An empty paint can and two brushes were found in a garbage can.

“This is stuff that you hear about happening way off, and now it’s here at home,” business owner Danny Popwell said.

Fortunately, the case was resolved quickly. Sgt. Darrell Bone of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department said two 14-year-old boys who lived nearby admitted to the graffiti and agreed to clean it up. The boys’ names could not be released because they are juveniles.

“They got through playing a video game, and they said they got bored,” Bone said, adding that some of the symbols were likely from the video game.

Another recent case of graffiti was found on a store in the Enterprise community, but Bone said the incidents are not related. The Enterprise graffiti was recognized as symbols painted by a notorious Hispanic gang.

Regardless of the cause, it was upsetting to residents.

“That’s not a good omen for the community,” Easterling said. “When you see things like that, whether it’s done in justice or not, it’s indicative of anger.”