Santa Claus coming to Thorsby

Published 8:28 pm Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa will visit every neighborhood in Thorsby just as he does every Christmas Eve — on a shiny, red fire truck.

Off-duty volunteers with the Thorsby Fire Department will accompany Santa on his yearly route from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The event has come to be called the annual Santa Run.

“We’ve done this for about eight years now,” Fire Chief Lee Gunn said. “It traditionally took us longer, but we added a second truck. The kids really enjoy it, and even the adults enjoy it.”

If anyone is wondering how Santa visits all the households on two different trucks, perhaps the best explanation would be that it’s the magic of Christmas.

But Santa has to move pretty fast, so anyone wishing to catch him should look at the schedule carefully — and check it twice — to see when he’ll be coming by.

The schedule is as follows:

Engine 31

5:30—6 p.m.: Minnesota Avenue, Jackson Street, Highway 31, Third Street, Franklin Street, Cherokee Road, Village Drive, Peterson Avenue

6—6:30 p.m.: Oak Street, Joyland Subdivision, Peterson Avenue, Franklin Street, Highway 31, Howard Street

6:30—7 p.m.: Julia Circle, Franklin Street, Mississippi Avenue, Keem Street, Peterson Avenue, Jones Street, Cross Creel Trail, Collins Chapel Road, Lincoln Street, Davis Street

7—7:30 p.m.: Second Wilson Circle, Peterson Avenue, Lincoln Street East, Indiana Avenue, Franklin Street, Church Street, Summit Avenue, Michigan Avenue, Jefferson Street, Wisconsin Avenue, Jones Street, back to the station.

Engine 32

5:30—6 p.m.: West Medical Center Drive, Hayes Street, Beasley Road, Montgomery Avenue, Lincoln Street West, South Dakota Road, Cleveland Street, Dakota Road, Franklin Street, Jones Street, Tuscaloosa Road, Spearman Drive

6—6:30 p.m.: County Road 74, Alabama Avenue, Bagget Road, Highway 31, Concordia Street, Peachtree Drive, Dakota Road

6:30—7 p.m.: Montgomery Avenue, Chilton Street, Dakota Road, Franklin Street, Alabama Avenue, Concordia Street, Iowa Avenue, Martin Street, North Dakota road

7—7:30 p.m.: Medical Center Drive, Leigh Drive, Watson Drive, North Dakota Road, Adam Street, Kristin Drive, Iowa Avenue, Pits Street, back to the station.

For more detailed information, call 646-3725 or 389-4868.