Business owners like new Interstate lights

Published 9:48 pm Monday, December 7, 2009

The presence of lights along Interstate 65 Exit 219 might mean a bright future for Jemison.

Business owners seem to like the increased visibility, for both business and safety reasons.

“I’m really happy to see the lights,” Jack’s General Manager Chiquita Melton said. “Our customers feel a lot more safe and secure, especially in the holiday season.”

Melton said she had not seen any increase or decrease in business due to the lights, but Mayor Eddie Reed confirmed at least one new business has committed to build at the exit.

Reed still could not comment on the specific type of business, however.

“We are proud of the fact our lights are up for the safety of our community and also for the enticement of new business,” he said.

2009 also saw the completion of new sidewalks for Jemison. The sidewalks provide pedestrians a safer route along U.S. Highway 31 and Church Street.

“Our citizens are pleased that we have the sidewalks,” Reed said.

Both projects were funded through federal grants. The city provided a match of slightly more than $60,000 on the sidewalks. No match was required for the interstate lighting project.

Specific information on the city’s new municipal building will be announced later, as a projected completion date has not yet been set.