Schools observe Red Ribbon Week

Published 9:45 pm Monday, October 26, 2009

This week, students across Chilton County are observing the national anti-drug effort Red Ribbon Week.

In addition to wearing the familiar red ribbons, students are participating in special activities all week long to remind them of the dangers of drug abuse and other destructive behavior.

On Wednesday, as part of a program called “I Can, You Can, We Can,” each student is asked to donate at least one canned food item to the Chilton County Emergency Assistance Center.

Friday is a day for everyone to show their school spirit by wearing a jersey of their favorite high school or college team.

Kimberly Martin, Too Good for Drugs instructor with Chilton County Schools, said Red Ribbon Week should also serve as a reminder to adults to be positive role models.

“It makes a world of difference for the students to have the adults behind them,” Martin said. “This is a great time for them to learn that drugs and violence are not the norm.”

Schools are also hosting guest speakers and working with law enforcement to spread awareness.

For example, Maplesville High School is partnering with the town’s police department to conduct a road block and seat belt safety check on Thursday. Students and officers will hand out “Smarties” candy to people with their seat belts buckled and “Dum Dum” lollipops to those caught without their seat belts buckled.

For more information about Red Ribbon Week and how you can get involved, contact your local school.