A haunted hunt: Paranormal investigators come to town

Published 9:03 pm Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A group of paranormal researchers investigated Helen’s Place in Clanton on Saturday night.

Eight people from Southern Paranormal Researchers (SPR), based in Montgomery, set up camp at the restaurant and catering business, which was originally a home built in 1913.

The term “paranormal” describes any unusual experience that lacks a scientific explanation, particularly a ghost or haunting.

Members of the restaurant’s staff have reported seeing apparitions and unusual activity in the building.

“It’s a lot of sitting, a lot of documentation,” SPR founding member Shawn Sellers said of his work.

The group used several pieces of equipment, including four security cameras set up in different areas of the house, portable camcorders and recording devices in hope of capturing any trace of paranormal phenomena.

The cameras were set up in the dining area, hallway, kitchen and attic. Carbon monoxide detectors were used to make sure there was not any faulty wiring, which can interfere with paranormal investigations.

“It’s like fishing,” explained David Humphrey. “You go to a hole one day and catch a lot of fish, and the next day you’re not.”

Each camera view was monitored, while members went their separate ways conducting “moving investigations.” Members also conducted EVP (electronic voice phenomena) sessions.

EVP are electronically captured sounds that may be the result of intentional voice recordings. These are usually achieved by listening to static, stray radio transmissions or background noise recorded in supposedly haunted places.

At the end of each investigation, members of the group compare notes and review all video and audio recordings for evidence.

As of Tuesday, not all the tapes had been reviewed, but some observations were made Saturday night. During one EVP session, two reported seeing a white mist near the hallway.

At least one member seemed convinced through personal experiences from the night of the investigation.

“There’s no doubt that it’s haunted,” Marty Harsh said in a phone interview Tuesday.

SPR does post final reports on its Web site, www.southernparanormalresearchers.org.