Big crowd for En Fuego

Published 10:52 pm Monday, August 31, 2009

The organizers of En Fuego couldn’t have asked for better weather Saturday.

A sparse umbrella popped up here and there, but few were deterred by the rain, which lasted just long enough to cool the crowd. Others found quick refuge in the large tent on site.

While there is no official attendance count, En Fuego co-founder Johnny Giles said the crowd was one of the largest in the festival’s 13-year history. The closest estimations are around 20,000.

“We had a great day, great weather, and a lot of people enjoyed themselves and were blessed by it,” Giles said.

A total 318 confirmed decisions were recorded. Many trained counselors, among them pastors and youth pastors, prayed with those who responded.

“That is the sole reason we hold this event every year,” said En Fuego volunteer Mike Graham, referring to the number of decisions made.

Nine Christian artists shared the 60’-by-40’ stage, including headliners Superchick and Family Force 5, along with speaker Tony Nolan.

As usual, vendors lined the top of the hill with a diverse food selection — including seafood — and various tables filled with T-shirts, music CDs and other band merchandise.

At the end of their sets, band members greeted long lines of fans in person.