Town approves employee bonuses

Published 6:31 pm Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Maplesville Town Council approved bonuses Tuesday night for all employees who had worked with the town for one year or longer.

All full-time employees will receive a $300 bonus, and all part-time employees will receive a $100 bonus.

“Everyone has done a good job pinching pennies in every department,” Mayor Kurt Wallace said. “This is our way of saying we appreciate the hard work they do.”

Wallace said the town was not able to reward its employees with yearly raises due to the economic recession.

He added he was pleased, however, that the council has not had to borrow money this fiscal year.

“Our goal is to not have to borrow money,” Wallace said. “I’m impressed with our city. We’ve cut back in a lot of areas.”

In other business, the Maplesville Fire and Rescue Department elected officers for the approaching two-year term. Michael Abbott will remain the department’s chief, while JaMelv Morrow will serve as assistant fire chief and Christine Epperson will serve as assistant EMS chief.

The town also granted each fire official with a credit card to use for pre-approved fire equipment purchases. Each card will have a $1,500 limit. The department just received its annual grant from the state in the amount of $1,794.

The council also:

Voted to purchase four cameras for the Maplesville Police Department at a maximum of $150 each. The cameras will be used to photograph accident scenes and evidence.

Hired David Kline as a full-time police officer

Approved $3,000 for the repair of streets and ditches out of the town’s road building account.