Jemison sidewalk project taking shape

Published 7:34 pm Thursday, July 2, 2009

The city of Jemison’s new sidewalks are about 33 percent complete, estimated Mayor Eddie Reed.

The sidewalks are built differently than most, the mayor pointed out, because they are located a few feet off the highway. This is intended to provide more safety for pedestrians.

“When you look at most sidewalks, they are built right along with the curb of the highway,” Reed said. “Our city’s traffic has more than tripled in the past few years, and these sidewalks will be a welcome sight to pedestrians walking within the city.”

The project, funded by a $245,000 Federal Highway Administration grant through the state, was contracted out for 90 days. The city provided just over $60,000 in matching funds.

“We’re looking forward to the beautification and safety these sidewalks will provide for our citizens,” Reed said.

Another major project is in the works at I-65 Exit 219, where poles are being installed for new lighting.

The city hopes the lighting will attract new business to the east side of town.

“We’re excited about all the progress we’re seeing right now,” Reed said.