Court fees amended in Jemison

Published 10:42 pm Friday, May 8, 2009

People convicted of certain drug and alcohol related crimes in the City of Jemison will face court fees up to $200, per a recent decision by the Jemison City Council.

In a meeting this week, the council amended a previous ordinance establishing a drug tip fund. The amendment sets new fees for cases involving DUI, violation of prohibition law, and unlawful possession of prescription drugs.

Fees relating to such cases will not exceed $200 for each case.

“Whereas, the municipal court judge shall assess this fee for each case, upon conviction,” the ordinance states. “Said sum shall be in addition to any and all costs of court and fines assessed by the municipal judge.”

Money collected from the fees will be deposited into the drug task fund account, the ordinance also states.

The amendment will take effect immediately upon adoption and publication as required by law.