Jemison spring cleaning pick-up to start Monday

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jemison residents should take note that Spring Cleanup Month is coming to a close. The city will pick up all unwanted household items starting Monday, April 27 for one week only.

Citizens are asked to have all such objects placed by the roadside in time for pickup. Exceptions include car batteries, tires and hazardous chemicals — the city will not pick up these things.

“The City of Jemison provides services for a city-wide cleanup once a year on items that our regular garbage truck does not normally pick up,” Mayor Eddie Reed said.

After riding through several neighborhoods, Reed said he noticed many residents were participating but many more were not. This weekend is the last chance for people to clear their households and yards of old furniture and similar items.

Spring Cleanup Month is part of a larger effort to beautify Jemison. Reed has heavily stressed the need for litter control, and a crew patrols the city on a daily basis to remove litter from public property.

Reed thanked District Judge Rhonda Hardesty for allowing inmates to pick up litter in Jemison and outlying areas of the city recently.

“I would like to thank Judge Hardesty for taking the initiative to take the inmates to help clean up the county, as well as our city,” he said.

For more information, contact Jemison City Hall at 688-4491 or 688-4492.