Students help with ‘Special’ T-shirts

Published 9:40 pm Thursday, April 23, 2009

If you purchase a Chilton County Special Olympics T-shirt this year, pay close attention to the artwork on the front and back of the shirt.

The art was drawn by two local students who are first-time participants in Special Olympics, Jamarcus Craig of Clanton Middle School and Anthony Neville of Clanton Intermediate School. Both were selected as winners in an art competition from among about 10 entries.

Craig’s work appears on the front of the shirts. It depicts runners participating in a relay race as they pass batons to each other. In the background, the crowd cheers them on and the sun is shining.

“We’re just getting started,” the seventh grader said of the characters in his drawing, which represent Craig and his classmates.

“I am proud everyone is going to be wearing it,” he added.

Craig is the son of Latonya Lawson of Clanton.

Neville’s drawing on the back shows a flaming Olympic Torch inside an Olympic ring. Typically, a high school senior carries the torch during the annual Special Olympics festivities.

“I was excited. It was something new,” the fifth grader said when he learned his artwork would be worn by participants and volunteers.

Neville will compete in the 50-meter run and soccer kick in this year’s games. He is the son of Brad and Priscilla Neville of Clanton.

“We’re proud of Anthony for his artwork,” Clanton Intermediate Principal Dennis Cobb said. “We’re excited for all our special services children who will be participating in the Olympics.”

The Special Olympics will be held Wednesday, May 6 at 9:30 a.m. at the Clanton City Track. The rain date is set for May 7.

T-shirts are available for $10 each. For more information, call 280-2906.