Austin Smith — Maplesville School

Published 10:35 pm Thursday, March 26, 2009

Austin Smith has no qualms about public speaking or sharing his faith in God — whether at church or school.

The Maplesville eighth grader wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a pastor after completing his education at Samford University.

“My daddy’s a preacher, so I like to read the Bible,” he said when asked what he likes to do in his spare time.

Austin is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and plays defensive end and right tackle on the school’s football team.

“I really like the heat of the competition,” he said.

Austin’s favorite subject is science because he likes to know how things work. He has built model cars including a wooden car he made when he was younger. Austin added that he might be interested in getting into construction.

His dad is teaching him how to play guitar, which he is still working on having learned a few chords.

But Austin’s spiritual life seems to be the basis of everything else, as he desires to put God first. Wherever he is found, there is usually a Bible close at hand.

“I live to be an example for Jesus,” he said.

Austin is the son of Kirk and Christy Smith. His dad is the pastor of Shady Grove Baptist Church in Randolph. He also has a younger brother, Loftin.