Schools jumping for heart health

Published 9:34 pm Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Health experts say jumping rope is good for your heart. The students at Clanton Elementary and Intermediate schools are jumping rope for healthy hearts all over America.

The schools are participating in the 30th anniversary of Jump Rope for Heart, a national fundraiser for the American Heart Association.

Students are taking home packets to collect donations, which will be turned in to the schools and sent to the American Heart Association.

“You can donate as little or as much as you want,” said Kandice Shrader, physical education teacher at Clanton Elementary. “We have between 100 and 150 students collecting money.”

The kids are jumping rope every day to emphasize the benefits of physical activity. If they reach a certain number of jumps without making a mistake, they get their name put up on the “heart wall.”

Kindergarteners must make 10 jumps to make the heart wall. The numbers for other grades are 20 (first grade), 30 (second grade), 50 (third grade), 75 (fourth grade) and 100 jumps (fifth grade).

“Jumping rope is a great way to strengthen your heart muscle, and it is one of the ways to prevent the risk factors of inactivity,” Shrader said.

Ryan Price, physical education teacher at Clanton Intermediate, said he is impressed with his students so far.

“They enjoy it,” he said. “Even a lot of the boys get into it.”

The group of students that raises the most money at CIS will enjoy an extra P.E. at the end of class one day, Price added.

CIS students have until March 5 to collect all their donations, while the deadline for Clanton Elementary students isn’t until March 23.