Jury duty for Monday canceled

Published 7:48 pm Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anyone selected for jury duty in Judge John Bush’s courtroom tomorrow morning does not need to show up.

All circuit civil cases set for Feb. 9 have been settled, negating the need for any prospective jurors to report to the Chilton County Courthouse, Circuit Court Clerk Glenn McGriff reported.

“There is no need for any jurors to show up Monday morning,” McGriff said. “If anybody got a notice, they can disregard it.”

The names of prospective jurors are selected at random from a list of registered Chilton County voters. Those who are selected to report to jury duty receive a notice via mail to appear in court on a particular day. The process starts over again each time a new set of cases comes up.

If the jurors initially scheduled to appear in court tomorrow are selected again, they will be contacted in the future, McGriff said.

He thanked all those who had made room in their schedules to do their civic duty Monday for their willingness to serve.

“Since the cases have been settled, we won’t need their services but we appreciate their willingness to do their civic duty,” McGriff said.