CCHS is in good hands

Published 1:18 am Friday, February 6, 2009

Dear Editor,

I want to commend Principal Greg DeJarnett, the faculty and all the coaches at Chilton County High School for the changes I have witnessed up close as a volunteer coach.

I have had the privilege to watch the transformation of discipline and work ethic among the students and student athletes since Mr. DeJarnett has been principal.

I have been in the hallways and have seen Mr. DeJarnett monitoring the halls and have heard him encouraging kids to do their best. He is a man of integrity and is fair with every student no matter what color they are. He does rule with an iron fist, but I personally think that is a good thing. I am proud he is principal where my children attend school.

Coach Carter is a great man and coach. If you’re not in the locker room a lot like I am this stuff may go unnoticed. Coach Carter has brought in a level of discipline these kids have not seen in a while and though it has been a big adjustment for the kids, they are coming around.

He has instilled a measure to make the kids believe in the team concept and not the “I” concept. Coach demands the kids to hold themselves to a higher standard making them understand it is a privilege to play sports and you’re not doing everybody a favor by playing.

The CCHS baseball coach just took the baseball team up to visit the kids at Children’s Hospital which tells me a lot about the man.

These are just a few of the examples of what is going on and I don’t have time to mention each coach. But I appreciate what every one of them is doing right now.

— Daryl Cummings, Clanton