Column: Salvation is of The Lord

Published 1:37 pm Monday, April 22, 2024

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By April J. Buchanan | Religion Columnist

Have you ever heard it said, “Just imagine if _____ were saved and the influence they’d have?”

Recently I read that Richard Dawkins – a famous atheist – now says that he’s a “Cultural Christian”. He doesn’t believe in God but he enjoys the influence of Christianity on a culture.

While I’m certain those who care for sound doctrine are opposed to Dawkins description of Christianity – as it diminishes Christianity to nothing more than a man-made construct that works well for a society – I’m also aware of the allure this could have for those more pragmatic in their evangelism.

But I digress.

What if Dawkins was born again? Would it change the face of atheism? Would it make Christianity famous? Does God need Dawkins?

God is perfect, holy, sovereign, and in need of nothing.

Dawkins needs God; God does not need Dawkins.

God will save whom He will save for His own glory. Man’s name and platform add nothing to and take nothing from the intrinsic glory of God. God neither increases nor decreases in His glory. God is who God is. He is perfect. The more we learn of the intrinsic glory of God, and who God is, the more we will ascribe Him glory. He will not share His glory with another.

Consider how dangerous it is to start with what man could do for God. This lowers God and exalts man. It abandons the fundamental problem between God and man. It makes man the hero.

Salvation is a manifestation of the glory of God. Salvation is of God! We see such attributes of God as His love, wrath, mercy, and holiness on display in His work of salvation.

With this in mind, we rejoice when any sinner is truly born again. We must be careful never to be so enraptured with a person for who they are or what they do that we fail to recognize the depravity of man before a holy God, thereby minimizing His righteous wrath and Christ’s substitutionary atonement.

If we say God doesn’t need us, then are we absolved of responsibility to share the Gospel? No! Think about it this way, would we say, “God needs me.” Do we see how this brings God low and is an assault on the very nature of God? It is as if to say God is lacking and we complete Him. God is self-sufficient, in need of nothing.

God has chosen the means by which to reach the lost: 1. His Word, 2. One who proclaims repentance and faith in Christ, and 3. the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.

Salvation is of the Lord. He manifests His glory in salvation. From start to finish salvation is determined, purchased, applied and secured by God. We see His eternal attributes on display. Where is our boasting? We have none. We have, however, reason all the more for rejoicing and ascribing Him the glory He alone is due. We have confidence in sharing the Good News when we understand that God is sovereign. Proclaim the Good News and leave the results to Him.

Grace and Peace

Soli Deo Gloria