Commissioners get job titles

Published 12:58 pm Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Every four years, the voters of Chilton County elect seven commissioners at large to represent them. But when a need arises, how does one determine which commissioner to contact?

For the first time in recent history, each commissioner has a specific job title. This was approved at Monday night’s regular meeting.

The following is an outline of each commissioner’s responsibilities:

Tim Mims (chairman) — courthouse, county money (budget), grants, purchasing (OK all purchase orders), commission office, department heads and media contact.

Greg Moore — all other county buildings, transportation, transit system, data processing.

Allen Caton — parks and recreation: including Higgins Ferry Park, Minooka Park, Lay Lake, Lake Mitchell and all recreation.

M.L. “Red” Turnipseed — industrial development: including industrial board, airport, chamber of commerce, economic growth and all state planning boards.

Heedy Hayes — environmental services: including water board, waste management, land development, litter control and National Flood Insurance Program.

Joe Headley — public safety: including sheriff, E-911 board, fire departments, EMS, EMA and Homeland Security.

Bobby Agee — community relation: including local bills (working with state representative and senator), humane society, health and human resources, and library.

“I think this is the first time we’ve ever had positions like this,” said Caton, who is credited with the idea.

The job descriptions are hoped to result in more organized meetings. They should also provide direction for groups and individuals addressing the commission.

Caton wished to share credit with his fellow commissioners.

“I think it was an idea that all of us had,” he said.