Locals react to Obama’s Inauguration

Published 12:59 am Wednesday, January 21, 2009

People of different racial backgrounds came together at Clanton’s NAACP building yesterday to have a bowl of chili and watch the historic Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

What happened there yesterday was symbolic of the unity Evangelist Robert Binion of Clanton said he would like to see across the country.

“Even today, I think Obama said it all,” he said. “This country can’t go any further until we the people come together with love.”

Bennie L. Chaney, NAACP president, said public officials could jumpstart that unity by better getting to know families in all areas of the community, and by mentoring children and teenagers.

During the meeting that followed Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Parade, Clanton Police Chief Brian Stilwell was among the speakers that encouraged the same type of community action.

Chilton County Probate Judge Bobby Martin said everyone, regardless of whether they voted for Obama, should be optimistic that our new President can lead the nation to economic recovery.

“I wish him luck and success,” Martin said. “I hope he finds a way to put people back to work here in the United States.”

Jemison Mayor Eddie Reed, who made history in Chilton County as one of the first African-Americans elected to a public office, also commented on the event.

“God bless America,” Reed said. “It’s a great, historical event, and it represents what America stands for – people.”