City needs help with cemetery

Published 12:57 am Wednesday, January 21, 2009

JEMISON — The City of Jemison has maintained Pine Hill Cemetery for 30 years or longer, but there are many unanswered questions about the site.

No one seems to know for sure which vacant burial plots are available or whether certain plots are owned. Yet people call Jemison City Hall almost every day asking questions.

“We want to go ahead and identify plots so we will know which ones are owned by family members and those that are not owned,” Mayor Eddie Reed said. “The city can’t give [citizens] permission to bury there without knowing what vacant lots are accounted for.”

The cemetery, located just off Highway 31 near the Plierville community, currently has no official map that city officials know of. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city.

For this reason, the city is asking residents who have relatives buried there — especially those that own unused plots — to contact City Hall and speak with either City Clerk Mary Ellison or Council member Faye King for the purpose of identifying the owner of each plot and who is buried where.

“Please help us identify family plots so we can mark them,” Reed said.

In other business last night, the council agreed to assist Boy Scout Troop 773, which erected Adopt-a-Mile signs along a stretch of Highway 31 on the north side of town, by sending a patrolman out to the site every four to six weeks while the troop is out picking up litter.