Lights out on Jemison’s streets

Published 9:50 pm Monday, January 5, 2009

JEMISON — There are 21 streetlights out in the City of Jemison, the City Council reported Monday night.

Council member George Brasher said he drove through the city and located four outages at the Park and Ride on I-65 Exit 219, and 17 others in different locations of the city.

“It’s not because we haven’t contacted the power company,” Mayor Eddie Reed said.

The council voted to send letters to Alabama Power Company and REA addressing the issue. Reed said if the lights were not replaced, the city would deduct them off their monthly bill.

In other business, the city wants to resurface the tennis court at City Park. Council member Sam Reed and the committee that oversees the park will look at the facility’s condition, draft specifications and make a recommendation to the council.

“It’s a positive entity for our schools and the public,” Mayor Reed said. “Upkeep has got to be done on it.”

New members were appointed to a committee that oversees Holly Grove Community Cemetery, which is owned by the city. The members are Carl Singleterry (co-chairperson), Jackie People and Sam Reed.

The city is making efforts to enforce already-established cemetery regulations, which state that if flowers are left on a gravesite longer than five days, the city has the right to remove them.

“These are issues we’ve got to confront,” Reed said.

Reed and the council also:

posted the position of Police Chief internally for a period of 10 days

addressed a pipe on County Road 44 in need of replacing

expressed thanks to all those who participated in the annual Christmas parade

read a letter of thanks from the Atchison family after the Police Department helped recover a large percentage of family heirlooms that were stolen during the Christmas holidays.