Fulmer to be Jemison PD interim chief

Published 9:45 pm Tuesday, December 9, 2008

JEMISON — Shane Fulmer was named interim chief of the Jemison Police Department upon the departure of Brian Stilwell.

Jemison Mayor Eddie Reed made the decision after Stilwell began working Monday as the City of Clanton’s new police chief.

Fulmer, who served second in command under Stilwell as assistant chief and investigator, will hold the position of chief until it is permanently filled by the City Council.

“The city is in good hands under [interim] chief Fulmer,” Reed said. “We feel confident that he will continue to carry on the job Stilwell had built upon. We look forward to working with him in that position.”

Reed said the council would likely wait until after the first of the year before posting the position and filling it permanently.

“We haven’t made our minds up,” he said.

According to a city ordinance, Reed added, the council has the authority to post the position internally providing that applications from one or more persons within the police department meet the job description.

The council may also post the chief slot externally.

“We will hire based on the job description,” Reed said. “There will be very high expectations.”

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