New church reaches to ‘unwelcome’

Published 8:45 pm Saturday, December 6, 2008

As you drive up to the Church in the Valley, you don’t see any steeples or stained-glass windows. That’s because the church conducts its weekly services out of its pastor’s home.

“We are looking for people who have felt unwelcome in church,” says Pastor J.N. Angel, adding that the church does not have an official membership list. “If you show up, you are part.”

The church’s mission statement, “Basic Instructions before Leaving Earth,” is an acronym for “Bible.” While the church has no denominational ties, it holds strictly to biblical teaching, Angel said.

Many of the lessons focus upon things Christians struggle with in daily living, such as maintaining a strong faith.

The church also offers the Lord’s Supper and baptism every Sunday for anyone who needs it.

“We’re trying our best to follow His guidelines, His will and His ways,” Angel said, “by using the gifts of members.”

She said the church is not charismatic but that its goal is simply to lead, guide and teach people to be “secret agents” for God, reaching out to others in ways that do not draw attention to themselves.

“If you lead someone to Christ, you’ve just pastored someone to Christ,” she said.

Angel was born in Brussels, Belgium to American missionaries who brought her to America at age 6. She attended Alabama Christian College in Montgomery and just recently obtained her pastor’s certificate.

She lives in Marbury with her husband, Gabriel, just over the Autauga County line.

Church in the Valley is located at 449 County Road 20 West. Worship time is 10 a.m. Sundays. The church may be reached at (334) 361-6099 or by e-mail at