Clanton FBC holds holiday musical

Published 7:35 pm Friday, December 5, 2008

Those who attend Clanton First Baptist’s Christmas program tomorrow night might just think they have died and gone to heaven.

Heaven is the setting for “From Heaven’s Throne,” a musical program arranged and orchestrated by David T. Clydesdale that tells the Christmas story from the angels’ perspective. Members of the church choir, standing on a set made to resemble clouds and sky, will play the role of heaven’s angels.

The program is scheduled for 6 p.m. in the church’s Christian Life Center.

“The neat thing about this musical to me is that the choir sings to Jesus at the beginning and tells him to go change the world,” Minister of Music Jimmy Tompkins said. “At the end, the focus is turned on the audience because we have been commissioned to go change the world as representatives of Christ.”

This type of program will be a first for the church. The cast will consist of between 45 and 50 choir members and nearly 20 instrumentalists. Robby Pinkerton will play the part of Christ, and Charlie George and Allison Adams will play the parts of Joseph and Mary, respectively.

Shannon Walker was cast as the storyteller, and she will both narrate and sing in the production in addition to several other soloists.

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