Prompt postage a must in December

Published 10:14 pm Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How late is too late to mail that Christmas gift or card to a long-distance friend or relative?

The Clanton Post Office has a few guidelines for those who have not already sent their Yuletide greetings or gift packages but want to make sure they arrive on time.

Packages sent by Priority Mail should be postmarked no later than Thursday, Dec. 11 in order to arrive by Christmas Day.

“There is more mail this time of year because of packages,” Clanton Postmaster Ronnie Carmichael said. “Sometimes an airline may be full, and Priority Mail may be delayed until the next available flight.”

U.S. Postal Service

Express or overnight packages should be postmarked absolutely no later than Monday, Dec. 22. Packages sent by that day should reach their destination by Christmas Eve, Carmichael estimated.

He said Christmas cards typically reach their peak about Dec. 12 but should be mailed by Dec. 20.

“Probably about 20 to 25 percent of our increase in letter mail is due to Christmas cards,” Carmichael said.

During a normal month, the Clanton Post Office delivers about 130,000 letters. During December, however, this number increases to between 150,000 and 155,000.

“We have plenty of Christmas stamps,” Carmichael added.

For more information, call the Clanton Post Office at 755-0320.