Reed: Jemison PD will build on Stilwell’s standards

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jemison Mayor Eddie Reed admitted losing Police Chief Brian Stilwell to the Clanton Police Department will leave some big shoes to fill.

The Clanton City Council appointed Stilwell as the city’s new police chief beginning Dec. 8.

Reed, however, said the City of Jemison would build upon the standards Stilwell left and not tear them down.

“Brian Stilwell brought Jemison into the 21st century with his professional technique of policing,” Reed said. “I am sure that’s why he was attracted to Clanton. We will continue to pursue that type of leadership in our chief of police.”

Reed bid Stilwell Godspeed and said the city would continue to support his efforts.

“We want to wish him success,” Reed said. “The professional standards he brought to the Jemison Police Department set us aside and made us one of the progressive, growing departments. I am sure he will continue that success in Clanton.”

Stilwell helped implement many programs while at his post in Jemison, including purchasing more fuel-efficient patrol cars, stocking police vehicles with up-to-date equipment, transferring valuable information onto a new city Web site, and getting Jemison involved in the National Night Out law enforcement awareness event, among others.

Despite the city’s loss, Reed remains optimistic.

“We will appoint a person with the same goals and quality we want to respect,” he said. “We are not going to look back at the past.”

The city plans to hold a reception for Stilwell on Friday, Dec. 5 at City Hall. Anyone who wants to stop by and wish him well is invited to do so. For times and other information, contact City Hall at 688-4491 or 688-4492.