A hodgepodge of issues

Published 10:36 pm Thursday, November 6, 2008

It’s been a big week, and there are several things I wanted to comment on in this column, so I apologize if it isn’t very coherent. I will start with thoughts on the presidential election.

I thought the words of Sen. John McCain were well chosen Tuesday night as he conceded defeat to President-elect Barack Obama. He offered condolences for the loss of Obama’s grandmother, who had a great influence on his life and unfortunately did not live to see her grandson’s victory.

That said, I am excited about the transition of our nation’s presidency. The election of an African-American definitely puts our nation in a different light.

You can talk about equality and the American dream all you want to, but actions speak louder than words. And America has spoken.

The new Jeff State

I got to tour Jefferson State Community College’s Clanton campus for the first time this week, and to say it’s impressive is an understatement.

The biology and chemistry labs are fully furnished, the computer labs have rows upon rows of brand-new Dells, and the classrooms are ready for eager minds to fill their seats.

The building’s design makes it fun to be in. The colors are warm, and the tinted windows let in plenty of sunlight.

Larry Mahaffey, the site administrator, gave me the tour. He is just one example of how people in our community are bringing ownership to this project.

Lingering traffic needs

I’m not going to get too bogged down with this issue, but I will say that I’m happy about the traffic light at Lay Dam Road and Ollie Avenue…well, almost.

The light needs a left-turn signal for northbound traffic turning onto Ollie. To not consider this on a major, four-lane highway is a mistake.

The oncoming southbound traffic is simply coming too fast most of the time. You just can’t expect people to follow the 45-mph speed limit.