Reed wins without runoff

Published 11:08 pm Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Brian Jackson – 136

Kenneth Ray – 196

Eddie Reed – 400*

Jemison District 1

George Brasher – 82*

Raybon Ellison – 80

Jemison District 2

Steve Howard – 57

Danny Robinson – 59*

Jemison District 3

Robert Morris – 146*

Vester Robinson – 34

* wins election, no need for runoff

Incumbent Jemison Mayor Eddie Reed was re-elected Monday night with 55 percent of the vote, enough to negate the need for a runoff.

Reed received 400 out of a total 734 ballots cast, defeating Kenneth Ray and Brian “Bucky” Jackson by a margin of more than 200 votes apiece.

A total 196 votes belonged to Ray, while Jackson received 136 votes. There were two ballots counted as undervotes.

“I look forward to another four years,” Reed said. “Congratulations to the folks in Jemison and to the folks who won the council back.”

In District 1 of the Jemison City Council, Raybon Ellison lost his seat to George Brasher 80-82.

Danny Robinson was narrowly re-elected to the District 2 seat, defeating Steve Howard 59-57.

In District 3, Robert Morris defeated Vester “Junior” Robinson 146-34, with four undervotes being counted.

District 4 Incumbent Faye King and District 5 Incumbent Sam Reed both were uncontested in their districts.

“We are saddened to see Mr. Raybon [Ellison] go,” Eddie Reed said. “He has been a good council person, but we are also looking forward to working with the new council.”

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