We want Fay’s rain, but not tomorrow

Published 7:48 pm Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay has not quite made our way yet, but she has already rained on the weekend plans of some Alabamians.

Some relatives of mine had to cancel a weekend trip to the beach because of uncertainty surrounding the weather, and I am sure they are not the only ones.

Earlier this week, we were getting nervous as Fay’s projected track had the storm potentially moving through south Alabama tomorrow. That would not bode well for those attending tomorrow’s En Fuego event in Verbena.

Fortunately, most weather forecasts predict that the brunt of rainfall from the storm will not come our way until the beginning of next week.

Last year’s En Fuego was not completely free of rain but still saw crowds in the estimated range of 20,000-plus. One photograph taken at the event showed people dashing for cover while a thunderstorm moved through the area.

Those who plan on attending En Fuego should remember that it is a rain or shine event. The festival will not be delayed unless there is lightning in the area. Emergency staff will be on hand should any kind of urgent situation arise.

The onset of Fay could make for some very comfortable conditions tomorrow if everything works out right. A cloud cover would keep it from being so hot.

Any rain we might get will be welcomed because the state needs it greatly. Even though the drought is subsiding across the state, most of central and north Alabama remains in a severe or extreme drought.

With a big weekend ahead, people in Chilton County who are praying for rain may be simultaneously crossing their fingers and hoping that the rain holds off until a few days later.

Either way, we know who has the power to control the weather, and whatever happens this weekend will be in His perfect timing.

– Scott Mims is the news editor for The Clanton Advertiser. His column appears each Friday. He can be reached at scott.mims@clantonadvertiser.com.