YMCA’s first ‘Ride for a Child’ event a success

Published 10:03 pm Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When Josh Allen first heard the sound of motorcycles approaching the Chilton County YMCA, it gave her goose bumps.

“What I heard was a rumble – the most wonderful rumble. It wasn’t like thunder, but it came from a distance. They turned that corner and my heart just dropped,” she said.

Last Saturday, the YMCA hosted the first ever “Ride for a Child” to raise money for underprivileged children. The event was created to benefit the Strong Kids Campaign, which allows kids to participate in Y activities.

Apparently, bikers have big hearts. About 200 riders showed up on more than 120 bikes to sponsor a child.

In addition, nearly 40 sponsors contributed to the cause either by giving money or by donating food and other supplies for the participants.

Even four days after the event, people were still coming in yesterday to give.

“It’s our first year, so I’m excited,” Allen said. “People are still donating.”

Not only was the “Ride for a Child” a good cause, it was also a lot of fun, which was the intention from the beginning.

The bikers enjoyed a round trip to Wind Creek in Tallapoosa County, and were provided free meals and a snack. Upon their return, the donors received commemorative YMCA pins.

“I have designed field trips for children for eight years, so that’s what I did. I designed a field trip for adults with big hearts, and I’m thankful that it worked,” Allen explained.

She wants to make the Ride an annual event.

“I am thankful for everybody who helped make this possible,” she added.

About 40 percent of all children who participate in the YMCA benefit from the Strong Kids campaign.