Residents still knocking on Jemison’s door

Published 8:06 pm Friday, July 11, 2008

Several families in the Oak Grove community still want to be annexed into the City of Jemison, after an election in which the majority of voters cast “no” ballots.

Between 15 and 20 families who favor the idea may yet get their wish, considering the simple fact that their properties border the city’s corporate limits.

“They’re still wanting to come in,” said City Clerk Mary Ellison, explaining that landowners whose property lies adjacent to the city can request to be annexed on their own.

All of the aforementioned families live in the Oak Grove community, which lies north and northwest of the city.

None of those who reside in the County Road 151 area, which held a separate annexation election this past Tuesday, border the city, however.

“No” was the prevailing vote in both elections, which had favorable participation. At Oak Grove, 115 out of approximately 180 registered voters turned out. At 151, a total of 55 out of approximately 80 voters cast ballots.

All five provisional ballots counted in the elections were “no” votes.

Based on the high interest in the communities, the results were not exactly what Ellison expected.

“I was surprised that Oak Grove voted not to annex,” she said.

Mayor Eddie Reed stressed that the city did not actively pursue the annexations, but that the residents had requested it.