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Lake slows down for winter

Lake slows down for winter

By Peggy Bullard The fall on Lake Mitchell has been busy with the water drawdown in October and the Renew Our Rivers Lake cleanup on ... Read more

Energy production will be ‘next big issue’

What we do in Alabama has an effect on the national energy situation, just as what is done in North Dakota, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma and ... Read more

Fights have no place at football games

When you pit 11 guys on one side of a ball against 11 guys on the other side of the ball for four quarters, intensity ... Read more

Why I decided to run again: hard work left to do

All my life I have heard “you can’t elect an honest politician” and “they may be honest when they go there, but they will be ... Read more

Historic home leaves legacy

As I pulled up to the front portion of the white columned historic house next to Shoney’s on Lake Mitchell Road Friday, I was immediately ... Read more