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County Commissioner Tim Mims passes after fight with cancer

Published 4:40pm Thursday, November 14, 2013

Caton said Mims was the only commissioner to serve four consecutive years as commission chairman.

“Tim was a people’s commissioner,” Caton said. “He loved the people and the people loved him. No one on the commission has ever served that many times as a commission chairman.”

Commissioner Greg Moore grew up in Chilton County knowing Mims and has served on the commission with him for two terms.

“Tim was a fair and honest person,” Moore said. “He was always a great friend of mine. He could have a lot of fun and was a fun person to be around. He loved Maplesville High School football and the University of Alabama football. He was always following those two teams closely.”

Prior to Mims serving on the commission, his first stint in politics began in the town of Maplesville when he was appointed to the Maplesville Town Council.

A councilmember resigned in the District I ward and Mims was appointed on Nov. 25, 1985 to fulfill the term.

He served on the council until Oct. 5, 1992, when he was elected as mayor of Maplesville.

Haigler said Mims served as mayor from Oct. 1992-1996, just a month before being elected for the first time on the commission.

Although Mims was a well-known politician, he was also known for his work in several businesses throughout Chilton County for much of his life as well as father to daughter, Perrin, and son, T.R. Mims.

Maplesville Mayor W.C. Hayes recalled Mims as a small child cooking dinners at Hayes’ home when he would return home from work.

“I would come home and he would be in the kitchen cooking up something for everyone to eat,” Hayes said. “He was always a hard worker and always had some way to make money.”

Childhood friend Mike Bearden said he grew up in the same group of friends as Mims and would often hang out at the mayor’s home.

“As kids, we would all end up at Mayor Hayes’ home and eat dinner,” Bearden said. “I remember the ice storm of 1982 came and we all slept over at their house and it was one of the best times.”

Bearden said a group of friends would take trips from Maplesville to Clanton after church each Sunday with Mims sometimes appointed as the driver for the group.

“Tim always had the nicest car,” Bearden said. “Most of the time we would con him into going in his car because it was always really nice. Where one of us would go we would all go.”

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