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Commission approves bid proposals for work at jail (updated)

Published 7:48pm Monday, July 22, 2013

In other news, the commission:

•Voted to allow Lee Helms Associates to handle the construction part of the three storm shelters the county has funded by GERF (Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund). Caton told commissioners he thought Helms should handle the construction part due to Helms’ work on the shelters.

“Without his help we would not have the GERF funding,” Caton said. “We have seven more of these shelters that he will work with to get funding for but I think he needs to be the one handling the work.”

Commissioners Welch, Moore, Mims, Hayes, Caton voted in favor. Headley opposed the motion.

•Voted to reappoint Eloise Mims to the Chilton Water Authority board effective Aug. 14.

•Voted to nominate Tim Watley to the Chilton Water Authority board effective Aug. 14.

•Voted to accept a lease and funding contract between the commission and Chilton County Humane Society. In March, the commission voted to enter into a contract with the humane society with the advisement from the county’s legal attorney. The contract would ultimately have the commission and humane society work together to take care of the animals for the county.

•Voted to allow the Chilton County Tax Assessor Rex Cleckler to place a door in front of the chief clerk’s office.

•Met in executive session at the request from the county attorney John Hollis Jackson regarding a pending legal matter.

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