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Commission approves bid proposals for work at jail (updated)

Published 7:48pm Monday, July 22, 2013

County Tax Collector Tim Little addressed commissioners regarding Tag Office Chief Clerk Laura Jones submitting her letter of retirement.

Little told the commission Jones has worked at the tag office for 31 years and submitted her letter of resignation due to retiring.

Little said Jones will work until Sept. 30 and asked the commission for permission to advertise for a vacancy.

Everyone voted in favor and several commissioners commended Jones on the dedication she showed in working for the county for 31 years.

The commission also voted to advertise the specifications for work to be done at the Chilton County Tag office in hopes of getting bids for repairs on the roof.

The commission voted during the July 8 meeting to send out bid sheets to local contractors for repairs to be made on the roof but Caton told the commission they had not sent the bids out yet.

“This is something that needs to be done,” Caton said.

Little echoed Caton’s statement informing the commission that the roof leaks have worsened with the recent rainfall this month.

“The roof repairs are pretty urgent considering it has rained a lot this month,” Little said. “Every night when we leave we put tarps over the work stations to protect them from the water that might leak through overnight.”

Little said the leaks don’t always come through the same spot and it is hard to determine where a leak will occur.

The office was built in 1969 and was the First Federal Building.

Roof issues have created problems for the six clerks working inside with two main leaks, one continuously dropping water every 30 seconds and another leak directly above one of the clerk’s terminals that leaks a few days after every heavy rain storm.

“If it leaks over a $300,000 printer you have to start asking the question how much water will make the printer mess up?” Little said. “We are trying our best to keep everything dry but it is pretty serious.”

Mims made a motion to have all of the prices in for the work by the August 12 meeting.

“We need to get the prices out so we can make a vote at the next meeting for the work to be done,” Mims said. “This has gone on long enough.”

In May, the commission voted to replace the current beige carpet behind the clerk stations to neutral colored carpet tiles for roughly $4,000.

Due to the continuous leaks in the roof, the installation for the carpet tiles has been postponed until the roof is fixed.

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