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Commission hopes to discuss recycling program for county

Published 5:05pm Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Presenting commissioners with a $135,000 estimate for the repairs, Davis said he would not know exact totals until the bids for the work were placed.

Part of the money for the repairs will come out of $460,000 the state granted to the county for the use of capital improvements with the rest of the money coming out of the sheriff’s jail account.

Caton told commissioners that he had not heard anything back from loggers regarding a logging ordinance.

Caton reminded the commission that a date had been set for April to make a decision regarding a workable logging ordinance to be passed for the county.

Commissioners Headley, Greg Moore, Caton and county engineer Tony Wearren decided in January to form a logging committee with three loggers in the county.

The intent of the committee was to come up with a workable ordinance to be passed in March.

The state passed Act 2012-257 in July 2012 establishing a statewide standard for counties to utilize (as needed) a requirement for loggers using county roads while conducting their operations to provide notice prior to using county roads.

If adopted in Chilton County, all timber owners would be required to notify the county commission prior to initiating any timber harvesting activities or utilizing county roads or bridges for delivery of pulpwood, logs, poles, posts, or wood chips to any wood yard or processing plant.

The commissioners postponed passing the ordinance to April due to not being able to establish a workable communication system with the loggers.

Caton asked the commission if they wanted to make a decision regarding the ordinance during the meeting or table the discussion to the April 22 meeting.

Hayes said the original deadline to make a decision was March 1 and it was postponed to April.

“At some point, we need to have a stopping point,” Hayes said.

Commissioner Greg Moore said the commission needed to wait to vote on the ordinance but Caton said the issue needed to be addressed.

“We have presented information to the loggers but they haven’t responded,” Caton said. “I think we need to make a decision one way or the other tonight.”

Commissioner Bobby Agee made the motion to go ahead and accept the logging ordinance presented to the commission from the logging committee.

Commissioners Agee, Caton and Welch voted in favor of the motion with Hayes, Headley and Moore voting against it.

The motion died for a lack of majority vote. Commissioner Tim Mims was absent from the meeting.

Commissioners called an executive session under good name and character and a pending legal matter and met behind closed doors for more than an hour and a half.

Once the meeting resumed, the commission:

• Approved Jamie Kidd from Webb and Eley law firm to help update a policies and procedures manual for county employees. Although no exact date has been set for when Kidd will come, county administrator Connie Powell said it should be within the next couple of weeks.

• Approved a resolution to send $2,900 back to the state. The money is sent for secure rural schools but Powell told commissioners that due to sequestration, the state was asking for the money back. The Chilton County Board of Education also receives money.

Commissioners decided to send all of the money back, including the BOE’s money and require the BOE to pay their half of the money to the commission.

• Approved Chilton County EMA director Bill Collum to purchase an EMA vehicle from the state bid list.

• Mentioned Gov. Robert Bentley will sign the law concerning the Alabama Department of Transportation’s (ALDOT) Rural Assistance Match Program (RAMP) on Wednesday.

The program would further assist cities and counties with transportation infrastructure needs.

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