A home in Clanton was recently flocked with flamingos.
A home in Clanton was recently flocked with flamingos.

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Flamingos flock to Chilton County for a good cause

Published 6:31pm Wednesday, February 27, 2013

“You have been flocked” is a familiar phrase floating around parts of Chilton County the last few weeks.

Packs of hot pink, plastic flamingos have been “flocking” to residential locations and businesses as a fundraiser for Lomax Assembly of God.

Student ministries pastor Erron Price introduced the idea of “flocking” local residents as a fundraiser for missions when he got the idea from another youth pastor and friend who implemented the same practice at his church.

The concept of “flocking” is simple with anyone wanting to “flock” a particular place being required to pay $30 (for 25 flamingos) and a group of youth leaders will flock the specific destination with flamingos during the evening hours.

Price said to cover a yard typically requires 100 flamingos that costs $120.

The flamingos will stay in place for three days when the youth leaders will return and pick them up or people can pay to have them picked up sooner.

All of the proceeds from the flocking go to benefit Speed the Light, a student-initiated, volunteer, charitable program that provides equipment to missionaries across the nation.

Price said many missionaries who go spread the gospel in other countries require things for transportation or equipment and money from Speed the Light ministries often covers the cost of those items.

“Any money we raise through our flocking goes directly to this ministry,” Price said.

A group from Lomax Assembly of God will be traveling to the Panama Canal in May and will have the opportunity to visibly see some of the vehicles purchased from money raised for Speed the Light.

In addition to multiple flamingos flocking a particular area, anyone being flocked will receive a sign stating Lomax Assembly of God placed the flamingos on behalf of whoever requested the flocking.

Price said so far, no one has gotten upset about flamingos taking residence on their property and most have enjoyed the brightly colored plastic creatures invading their yard.

“It has almost become a trend type of thing,” Price said. “You will hear kids saying to one another now that they were flocked. It is the cool thing to be flocked.”

Price said he plans to keep the church’s flocking business open until people stop requesting flocks around the county.

“So far, in the few weeks we have been doing this we have gotten really busy,” Price said. “People are hearing certain places or people were flocked and they want to be flocked as well.”

Anyone wanting to request a flocking is required to fill out a form on the church’s website indicating what type of property, the location and whether the person would like to disclose who it was doing the flocking.

For more information about the ministry or to request a flocking, visit www.lomaxag.com/events/epic-flocking.

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