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Resident addresses commission about beautifying north side of county

Published 3:58pm Tuesday, February 12, 2013

North Chilton resident Billy Graham would like to see parts of Chilton County bordering Shelby County cleaned up a little bit.

Graham addressed commissioners Monday at the Chilton County Commission meeting in an effort to bring attention to the need for more beautification in the area.

“I think we need a sign of some sort signifying to passengers who are crossing into the county from Shelby County on the Calera side that they are entering our county,” Graham said. “We have the peach on one side of the county letting everyone know what this county is about but from the north side we don’t really have anything.”

Graham told commissioners he would like to see the area cleaned up and have the commission help support a beautification effort in that area of the county.

“Spring is coming up and human beings appreciate cleanliness,” Graham said. “It would be great to have the commission help out in keeping parts of that area clean.”

Graham came to the meeting with members of Shiloh United Methodist Church who support the idea of working to keep the area near the church that borders Calera clean.

Commissioner Bobby Agee told Graham the commission was in the process of trying to get the option for a 1-cent sales tax placed on a ballot for those in the county to decide whether they would like the tax.

Agee explained the tax would bring in more than $3 million a year and would do wonders for the roads and bridges in the county that need considerable maintenance.

Agee said the local legislative delegation, Sen. Cam Ward and state Rep. Kurt Wallace, expressed reluctance to having the option for the citizens to vote on the tax passed in Montgomery.

“It would be great if you all would call and tell them you would like for them to introduce this in Montgomery,” Agee said. “We are not trying to pass this, we are just trying to give the county the opportunity to decide if they would like this.”

Agee said residents traveling to Shelby County and Autauga County often paid money to contribute to those counties 1-cent taxes and would like to see the money kept within Chilton County.

“I would urge all of you to call our local legislative delegation and let them know your thoughts,” Agee said. “We want to allow everyone the opportunity to vote on this.”

Commission chairman Allen Caton told commissioners members of the logging committee met to discuss a workable logging ordinance to be passed in March.

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