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Church News for Thursday, Nov. 1

Published 5:57pm Thursday, November 1, 2012

Friendship Baptist Church

Bro. Ken’s message, taken from Matthew 25:31-46 and titled “Service With a Smile,” focused on the separation of the sheep from the goats. We are to take care of those in need.

Bro. Ken’s evening message was taken from Romans 11:33-34 “God is Wise.” God knows everything. His wisdom is much greater than ours.

Upcoming events: Nov. 4: Daylight Savings Time ends; fall back one hour. Nov. 9: Youth lock-in 9 p.m. at the church. Nov. 11: Harvest Dinner 11 a.m. Nov. 24: Youth serving the hungry in Birmingham, leaving at 4:45 a.m. Nov. 30: Matthew Jones’ Marine graduation. Dec. 1: Youth Christmas party. Dec. 11: W.M.U. Christmas pajama party, 6:15 p.m. at Regina’s.

Dec. 16: Christmas Cantata 10 a.m. Dec. 27: youth bowling.

Happy birthday to Brandon Martin, Cassie Wakefield, Andrea Wakefield, Lucille Price Pierce, Alex Wyatt, John Jones, Regeana Funderburk and Dianne Varden.

Prayer request: Lois Nelson, E.V. Baker, Sonya Moore, Tiffany Moore, Matthew Jones, Chris Terrell, Casey Baker, Caroline Lowery, Jimmy Lyles and Juanita Staggs.

Christ Independent Methodist Church

On this beautiful, but cold, Sunday morning, it was a wake up call that when the frost is on the pumpkin, winter is one the way.

We began our morning worship with three great old hymns: “Count Your Blessings,” “Redeemed” and “The Longer I Serve Him.”

Dr. Mac Stinson’s sermon title was “What Do You Want From Jesus?” The scripture was taken from Mark 10:46-52. The provocative question is not intended to be trivialized. We may all make a long list of wants that never includes needs. Church people are guilty of this sin as well as the unchurched, but God hears all prayers and has no problem separating the wheat from the chaff. Many times, our prayers are directed for those we love as well as our own personal needs. Sometimes when hope is all we have left, we pray, “Lord, hear my prayer and have mercy on me.”

Bartimaeus was such a one in need of a major health recovery. When Jesus came near, Bartimaeus threw his cloak aside and ran to Jesus. Bartimaeus was blind

“And Jesus answered and said unto him, ‘What will thou that I should do unto thee?’” The blind man said unto him, ‘Lord that I might receive my sight.’ And Jesus said unto him, ‘Go thy way, thy faith hath made thee whole.’ And immediately, he received his sight and followed Jesus in the way.” Mark 12:51-52.

Back to Dr. Stinson’s sermon title “What Do You Want From Jesus,” can you differentiate between what you want and what you need? Are your prayers for you or for others? Our prayers may be directed either way, but be sure to explore both directions.

Our prayer list: Dr. Mac Stinson, Carl Glass, Tanya, Condy McCavitt, Judy Atkinson, Lora Haley, Cathy Lutza, Shea Simms on his way home from Kuwait, Robbie Houston in the Middle East, our church family members who are traveling, our military, their families, our community, our church and each other. Remember Christians worldwide and little Israel. Remember Mrs. Ross Davis, and the Davis and James families.

Our Harvest Supper will be Nov. 27. The program will begin at 5 p.m. Supper will be served at 5:30 p.m.

Continue to pray for our nation and the upcoming election. The future of our nation as we have known it may well be at stake. If you fail to vote, you are giving up the greatest privilege of living in a democracy where government by the people is our choice, and we choose our leaders and our laws.

Have a blessed week.

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