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Sowing Seeds of Hope in Chilton County

Published 6:23pm Tuesday, July 24, 2012

She would also like to add something with water for the kids to cool off with, like a splash pad.

“This space is utilized by so many,” Baker continued. “I’d like to see it twice this size.”

Also being made over were Thorsby’s Richard Wood Memorial Park and Sam Bentley Park.

Whitney Green, Perry County Coordinator for Sowing Seeds of Hope, was pleased with the outcome in Thorsby.

Not only did they add playground equipment for the kids at both parks, but they also improved the walking track near the baseball fields.

“We wanted to work with the place that would benefit the most people for the longest time,” she explained. “These projects were really targeted at decreasing diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. We want to get kids in an active lifestyle at a young age and hopefully it will stick. I think these parks will do that.”

Green was also impressed at how well both cities came together to raise funds and materials for the parks.

“We do require a match when we donate, but it’s really great to see what people will contribute. There are a lot of pieces to projects like this. We’re just part of the puzzle that helps brings things together,” said Green.

Next, Mayor Dearl Hilyer hopes to put in a swing set near the baseball fields.

“We were tickled to death that we were able to come up with the money to match. But we were all surprised about how well things went. Once it got the momentum, all the pieces just came together,” said Hilyer. “We’re looking forward to continuing the improvements next year.”

Altogether, renovations in Thorsby cost $31,446.50, with only $5,300 actually coming from the town’s budget.

Sowing Seeds of Hope also donated P.E. supplies and some training for P.E. coaches in both Clanton and Thorsby.

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