Passing on the crown: Street’s reign as Peach Queen coming to an end

Published 1:57 pm Friday, June 21, 2024

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By Carey Reeder | Managing Editor

Chloe Street’s reign as Miss Peach Queen in Chilton County is coming to an end as she will pass the prestigious crown to her successor on June 27, but her influence and spirit she had while serving as queen will be felt for generations.

“It is all bittersweet, especially with graduating it is all at one time, but I have enjoyed it and it flew by,” Street said. “I have lived it out, and I get to tell my kids one day that I was the Peach Queen. It was everything I could have ever imagined, and I am so honored to have been able to serve this county for 365 days.”

Street’s reign began on June 22 last year and was filled with opportunities for her to see the other side of the Chilton County community. She got involved with numerous businesses and community events during her year as queen, and she made an impact by presenting the farmers and fruit that put Chilton County on the map.

Incredible was the word used by Street to describe her reign, and she said there was nothing underwhelming about it. She agreed that the Miss Peach Queen in Chilton County is one of the more prominent positions one can hold in the county. With thousands of eyes on her both young and old at all times, she understood what her role was, and flourished in it.

“Being recognized as one of those people that is a bit higher up is special, but it is also a job, and that job is something that everyone looks up to,” Street said. “You have little eyes watching everywhere … The person sitting here today is not the person I was almost a year ago. I have learned more than I could have imagined, I have matured in a way I could not have done without being the Peach Queen and being able to get out and know as many people as I do now is also a big deal. I have definitely matured, and I am very grateful for it.”

Being the youngest child in her family, Street really enjoyed getting to know her other three queen sisters. Her reign gave her a chance to be like an older sister to them, and she said she will think of them forever as her own little sisters.

Street is great with children, enjoys spending time with them and feels like she connects with them on a personal level. Events that helped nonprofits in the Chilton County community that work with young children like Butterfly Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center and Care Net of Chilton County were special to her.

“Every event that I went to has a special meaning, and that is always going to hold a special place in my heart,” Street said.

Peach Queen Coordinator Michele Headley reiterated Street being great with children, seeing her be able to connect with little ones throughout her reign.

“She is the sweetest person, she really is,” Headley said. “She gets down to your level, and she is so good with the younger kids. They all look up to her, and there may have been a child she knew more than others, but she would make every child feel the same.”

Headley added that Street was an excellent speaker during her reign. On many occasions she would let Street know that they were going to ask her to speak at an event, but was not sure what they would be asking. Street reassured her that she had it under control, and every time she handled it flawlessly.

“She has been a perfect Peach Queen in every way, and an excellent role model,” Headley said.

When it comes to advice from Street for her successor, and for other future Peach Queens, the biggest thing she stressed was for the girls to be themselves. It is important to be a good example at all times, even with their close friends, but being yourself is what makes their reign that much special.

“I was always nervous that I would not be as good as this one or that one, but every queen in this sisterhood has been a variety of something that we could all be better at,” Street said. “I have always struggled with self-confidence, but once I learned that if I am myself then people love me for who I am, and I feel like I have gotten close with this community and they love me for who I am. Always be yourself because God created you in a perfect image, and there is nothing you need to change about yourself. Be who you are.”

Street graduated from Chilton County High School in May and will attend Jefferson State Community College in the fall to pursue a degree in nursing. She plans to transfer to Auburn University afterwards to get her bachelor’s degree, and wants to stay close to her love for caring for children and become a pediatric nurse after her studies are complete.