Chilton County Sheriff’s Office

Published 10:29 am Thursday, May 23, 2024

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These incidents happened between May 15-21.

May 15

Auto Theft, Theft-From Residence, Theft-Miscellaneous, $500 or less, Theft-Debit Card: 1900 Block of County Road 511, Verbena

Theft-Miscellaneous, $500 or less: Airport Lane, Clanton

Obstructing Justice Using a False Identity: County Road 76, Clanton

Reckless Endangerment: County Road 76, Clanton

Theft of Property-Second Degree, Burglary-Third Degree: U.S. Highway 31, Verbena

Non-Support-Child: U.S. Highway 231, Wetumpka

Criminal Trespass-Third Degree: County Road 18 W, Clanton

Driving Under the Influence (Alcohol): County Road 85, Clanton

Failure to Make Child Attend School: Clanton


May 16

Possession of Marijuana-Second Degree: County Road 24 and U.S. Highway 31, Verbena

Theft-Miscellaneous, Criminal Mischief-Damage to Private Property: County Road 547, Verbena

Criminal Mischief: County Road 105, Maplesville

Assault-Elder Abuse and Neglect-Second Degree: 1200 Block of County Road 914, Jemison

Criminal Mischief-Damage to Private Property: County Road 174, Jemison

Non-Residence-No Force, Theft-Miscellaneous: U.S. Highway 31, Verbena

Domestic Violence-Third Degree-Harassment: County Road 385, Maplesville

Domestic-Family-Harassing Communications, Domestic-Criminal Trespass-Family: Clanton

Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle: County Road 407, Clanton


May 17

Non-Support-Child: City Street, Clanton

Failure/Refusal to Display Insurance, Reckless Driving, Driving While Suspended, Revoked or Canceled, Driving While Suspended, Revoked or Canceled: City Street, Clanton

Domestic-Harassment-Family: County Road 962, Montevallo

Custody Dispute: 1st Avenue, Clanton


May 18

Domestic Investigation: County Road 535, Verbena

Death Investigation County Road 428, Clanton

Harassment (Harassment/Intimidation): Clanton

Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana-Second Degree: U.S. Highway 31 and AL Highway 22, Verbena

Domestic-Harassment-Family: County Road 9, Clanton


May 19

Hallucinogen-Possess, Possession of Marijuana-Second Degree, Use or Possession with Intent to Use Drug Paraphernalia, Miscellaneous-Take for Safe Keeping: Lay Dam Road, Clanton

Possession of Dangerous Drugs: AL Highway 22 and Mulberry Street, Maplesville

Custody Dispute: 2nd Avenue N, Clanton

Theft-Aircraft/Boats, Farm Equipment, more than $500-less than $1,500, Criminal Trespass-Third Degree: Verbena

Harassment (Harassment/Intimidation): 200 Block of County Road 185, Jemison

Permitting Dogs or Hog Known to Kill to Run at Large: County Road 185, Jemison

Public Intoxication: County Road 416, Clanton


May 20

Violation of Court Order: AL Highway 22, Clanton

Non-Support-Child: Opportunity Drive, Thorsby

Death Investigation: County Road 49, Clanton

Property Damage: County Road 32, Clanton

Possession of Marijuana-Second Degree: County Road 59, Verbena

Criminal Trespass-Third Degree: County Road 506, Marbury

Theft-From Yards: County Road 85, Clanton


May 21

Fire Investigation: 900 Block of County Road 99, Verbena

Theft-Miscellaneous, Criminal Mischief: County Road 59, Verbena

Non-Support-Child: City Street, Clanton

Harassing Communications, Criminal Trespass-Third Degree: 1000 Block of County Road 174, Jemison

Suspicious Incident: County Road 987, Montevallo

2 Counts of Non-Support-Child: County Road 529, Verbena

2 Counts of Possessing Forged Instrument, Receiving Stolen Vehicle: County Road 128, Calera