Clanton mural brightens Park Plaza and encapsulates city

Published 11:26 am Wednesday, January 24, 2024

By Carey Reeder | Managing Editor

Those traveling down Third Avenue North in Clanton will now be greeted with a new and vibrant mural showcasing some of the attractions in Clanton. The 100-foot mural on the exterior side of the building at 300 Park Plaza features prominent street signs in Clanton, an airplane, the Peach Water Tower and the old Chilton County High School pillar that still sits inside the city limits. The mural was designed and painted by CCHS graduate and Auburn University sophomore Charlotte Blencowe, who was also a part of painting and designing the mural at Corner Park in downtown Clanton.

“I hope the mural is a source of inspiration and reflection for those who encounter it,” Blencowe said in a press release from the City of Clanton. “I wanted to enhance the public space by creating a radiant design that utilized bold complimentary colors along with local landmarks that unify the community, foster a sense of connection and pride.”

The CAWACO RC&D Council provided a $10,000 grant to assist in the funding for the mural, another aspect of the partnership that CAWACO RC&D and the City of Clanton have formed together.

“The partnership with CAWACO RC&D on this project is instrumental in helping the city accomplish goals to support the local art community, beautify neighborhoods and transform cityscapes into unique place markers for people of all ages,” the press release from the City of Clanton said.

The mural is a mixture of vibrant colors such as yellows and oranges that give the background a sunset-like look, while the individual landmarks and pictures on the mural capture what all the city has to offer.

“While the primary purpose of this mural is to beautify the community, it also serves as a medium to revitalize the arts while encouraging economic development through the creation of inspired spaces that make the City of Clanton attractive for residents and visitors to

shop, work, live and connect,” Clanton Mayor Jeff Mims said in the press release.

The exact address for the new mural is 300 Park Plaza, Clanton, and the mural faces Third Avenue North on the exterior wall of Dollar General.