Clanton Fire Department

Published 9:24 am Friday, January 12, 2024

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These incidents are from January 1-7.

January 1

Seizure: 100 Block Arthur Drive

Abdominal Pain: 200 Block Ruth Street

General Illness: 1100 Block Duren Road

Motor Vehicle Accident: Poplar Springs Road and 7th Street South

Chest Pain: 2600 Block Lay Dam Road

Public Assist: 50 Block Park Drive South

General Illness: 300 Block Debra Avenue

General Illness: 800 Block Golf Drive

Diabetic Emergency: 2100 Block 7th Street South

Abdominal Pain: 100 Block 14th Street South


January 2

Seizure: 300 Block Arby Drive

Stroke: 1700 Block 7th Street North

Fire Alarm: 400 Block Ollie Avenue


January 3

General Illness: 300 Block Victory Street

Difficulty Breathing: 100 Block Park Drive North

Fire Alarm: 400 Block Ollie Avenue

General Illness: 100 Block Peachtree Lane

Motor Vehicle Accident: 600 Block Ollie Avenue


January 4

General Illness: 100 Block Arthur Drive

Syncope: 900 Block Lake Mitchell Road

Altered Mental Status: 1100 Block Lay Dam Road

Difficulty Breathing: 700 Block Inverness Drive


January 5

Structure Fire: 4000 Block County Road 81

Altered Mental Status: 300 Block 2nd Avenue North

Chest Pain: 100 Block 6th Street South

Assault: 400 Block Trilliam Lane

Motor Vehicle Accident: 2nd Avenue North and 8th Street

Public Assist: 200 Block Hay Lane

Public Assist: 300 Block Parrish Avenue


January 6

Police Matter: 500 Block 7th Street South

General Illness: 100 Block Lilly Street

Overdose: 900 Block 3rd Avenue South

Childbirth: 200 Block Willis Circle

Public Assist: 200 Block Edgewood Street

Difficulty Breathing: 100 Block Cedarbrook Drive

Police Matter: 3000 Block 7th Street North


January 7

Chest Pain: 300 Block City Street

Gun Shot Wound: 100 Block 7th Street South

Helicopter Landing Zone: 2000 Block Lay Dam Road