Column: New internet radio based in Clanton

Published 1:58 pm Monday, October 2, 2023

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

By Elisabeth Altamirano-Smith | Community Columnist

Chilton County residents can now tune in and listen to a new locally-based media source. MCMB Radio is owned by Larry Wallace and will be operated by radio disc jockey, “Cowboy” Offenbacker.

MCMB Radio operates under the radio umbrella of LIVE 365 Radio. Once the LIVE 365 app is downloaded on a smartphone, the Clanton station is accessible by typing “MCMB Radio” into the search bar. A direct link is also accessible on MCMB Radio’s Facebook page.

The station will play Country Freestyle music, with occasional “Vault Visits” into other genres. Saturday nights at 8:00 p.m. will be a “Rock-n-Roll Vault” playlist. DJ Cowboy will also host other Vault Visits and radio programming.

“When I was a kid, you turned on the radio and heard musicians like George Jones and Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was great music and an assortment. That was before radio stations started playing just one musical genre. Music isn’t wholesome anymore, and we are bringing back that quality music people love.”

All of the songs in the media library are dated prior to the year 2000.

Wallace, (also the owner of MCMB Productions), is also offering local musical talent the opportunity to record their songs in his studio. Afterward, the songs would be played on MCMB Radio, which is accessible to an international audience. Since the radio station is based off the internet, listeners can “tune-in” anywhere in the world.

“Every artist that you hear on the radio or see on TV comes from a small town,” said DJ Cowboy. “They started out as a local artist singing around town and then eventually somebody came along and took notice. MCMB Radio gives local artists the chance to get their music out (in the world) to be heard.”

In addition to song playlists and recording new artists, MCMB will also offer local advertising time slots to small, local businesses.

“We are down-to-earth people for the people,” said DJ Cowboy. “We are doing this for the community.”

For artists interested in recording, contact Larry Wallace at 205-299-4942. For information on playlists or advertisement, contact DJ Cowboy at 334-801-7700.