Winners and results from Sept. 16 at Buckshot Speedway

Published 4:40 pm Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Winner’s Circle

These are the race winners from September 16 at Buckshot Speedway.

American All-Star Series 604 Winner: Jesse Lowe

602 Late Model Winner: Brent Cartwright

Limited Late Model Winner: Brandon Brown

Open-Wheeled Modified Winner: Billy Franklin

Factory Stock Winner: Mark Price

Buzz 4 Cylinder Winner: Jacob Thomas

Buzz 6 Cylinder Winner: Josh Ganey


The Scoring Pylon

These results are from the races at Buckshot Speedway on September 16.

602 Late Models

  1. Brent Cartwright
  2. Cody Stange
  3. Wade Walker

Limited Late Models

  1. Brandon Brown
  2. Bill Mahan
  3. Randy Fowley

Open-Wheel Modifieds

  1. Billy Franklin
  2. Jordan Wilkins
  3. Zack Matthews

Factory Stock

  1. Mark Price
  2. Greg Wilkins
  3. Justin Gray

Buzz 4 Cylinder

  1. Jacob Thomas
  2. Joshua Gilen
  3. Brandon Curry

Buzz 6 Cylinder

  1. Josh Ganey
  2. Jimmy Ganey
  3. Josh Ingram